Wafula Bernard Isaac


Wafula Bernard Isaac, commonly known as Ben Isaac is a prolific author, conference host and school teacher-turned-global preacher. He travels the nations of the world proclaiming a very simple but provocative and powerful Message of God’s high opinion of people and the proof of that was His willingness to send His Son, Jesus Christ to die for each one of them.

He founded the International Gospel Epicenter, a world outreach ministry based in Kampala, Uganda dedicated to the fulfillment of The Great Commission and the rapid expansion of God’s Kingdom on earth. 

Ben Isaac firmly believes in miracles as living proofs of God’s ever-present presence in him and everywhere he journeys. Therefore, an unmistakable trail of signs and wonders accompanies him. He currently resides in Kampala, Uganda with his three lovely children, Ben Isaac Jr., Christian Samuel and Shalom Daisy.

Some of the books by  Ben Isaac