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This is the book you were born to read! Receive it with an open heart and you will understand why I made that seemingly reckless opening statement. If you are serious about making your life count in these days and really want to make a difference in this world, read this book with the readiness of mind and openness of heart. I insist: THIS IS THE BOOK “YOU WERE BORN TO READ” THE MARVELOUS BELIEVER

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This is the book you were born to read: a forceful, provocative, and audacious book in which you will learn about

  • The great concept of God’s indwelling, ever-present presence in you.
  • Your current God-given ability to stand before a holy God, an evil devil, and a dying, hurting world holy, unblameable, and reprovable … totally righteous
  • How exactly like Christ you have become in this world
  • Your superiority over the defeated devil, his demons-slaves, and the evil works.

In this darling masterpiece, Ben Isaac will stir you up to rise up, be your true self, do exploits for the god and possess what Jesus Christ died to provide for you. He also unveils the basic of the miracle ministry that is available for each child to God

This book when read and applied will turn you into an overnight success, a sudden wonder, a spiritual giant in the world … THE MARVELOUS BELIEVER


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